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This page contains various graphical assets that can be used by third parties when referring to The Apache Software Foundation or one of its projects. I If you can't find a logo here, or have other questions please see our Media & Analyst Relations team.

The Apache Software Foundation owns all Apache-related trademarks, service marks, and graphic logos. You can read our formal Trademark Policy which discusses allowable uses and how to contact us for permissions.

The ASF provides two main types of graphic here:

The ASF Identity Style Guide helps ensure that our visual identity is consistent. We ask that all Apache project communities review and follow our specifications on how the ASF logo can be used. Should you require additional guidance, please contact ASF Marketing & Publicity at press(at)apache(dot)org.

Please note that each Apache project provides their own official project logo on their homepage. The best place to ask for a copy of a project logo is on their dev@ mailing list.

Powered By Apache Logos

The “Powered By Apache” logo was created to celebrate The Apache Software Foundation's 15th Anniversary and promote the ASF's more than 200 projects. The logo was updated in January 2016 to reflect the new ASF brand identity.

The logo was specially created to maintain the unique identity of each Apache project whilst identifying all projects under the Apache umbrella. The Apache community at-large are encouraged to proudly display “Powered By Apache” assets on their Websites, documentation, marketing materials, etc.

Guidelines for the appropriate use of the “Powered By Apache” logos include:

In addition, official Apache Project pages and documentation on apache.org must utilize the appropriate trademark symbols on the respective Project logo, along with the following footnote: "Apache, Apache [PROJECT NAME], and the Apache [PROJECT NAME] logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation in the U.S. and/or other countries."

Template and Usage

Powered By Apache

Powered By Apache Logo - PDF

Powered By Apache Logo - SVG

Powered By Apache Logo - EMF

Per-Project Powered By Logos

Logos for individual projects, such as the ones below, are available in jpg and psd format. They can be retrieved by requesting http://www.apache.org/foundation/press/kit/poweredBy/pb-PROJECTNAME.psd or http://www.apache.org/foundation/press/kit/poweredBy/pb-PROJECTNAME.jpg.

For example, the Powered by Logo for Apache Tomcat can be retrieved from poweredBy/pb-tomcat.jpg and the PSD

If you are unable to find the logo you are looking for try inspecting the directory listing. If you still can't find what you need please contact the projects mailing list.

Template for the creation of Powered by logos

Powered By template

Feather Graphics Downloads

This section contains downloadable graphics of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) feather trademark.

REMINDER: The feather graphics are trademarks of the ASF, and must not be used without appropriate attribution and permission from the ASF. Please see our formal Trademark Policy for more details. In particular, as a vendor-neutral public charity that provides indepenent governance to all Apache projects, you must use care when displaying the feather, and ensure it's clear that it's referring to the ASF as an independent organization.


This is the latest version of the feather, click for high resolution PNGFeather

Foundation Logo with Feather

The latest version of the Foundation Logo, including the Feather is Logo

Foundation Logo with Feather and URL

The latest version of the Foundation Logo, including the Feather and URL is Logo

Wide Foundation Logo with Feather

The latest version of the Foundation Logo, including the Feather and URL is Logo

Previous Versions

The Apache Feather and Apache Software Foundation logo have both undergone changes over time. Older versions are available below, but shouldn't normally be used.

Left-to-Right Feather (Original, horizontal orientation)